September 26, 2015 Dinorah Matias-Melendez

What I’m Listening Now

This is the last weekend on September 2015. Make the most of it.

Just discovered this cool group: Eskimeaux. And wanted to share my precious find.

What I am listening

One of my favorite short programs where great, not super well-known, artists are invited is Tiny Desk Concert by NPR. These tiny concerts are literally short, only 3 to 4 songs are played live.  You can listen to this episode below.

Finding great music to keep us happy while working is something many of us do at some point in life. This one is perfect for my Saturday, I hope for yours too!

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Dinorah Matias-Melendez Founder & principal of DMM Studio, LLC, a NYC-based architectural & landscape firm that designs sustainable & contemporary spaces that uplift the user's experience. She holds a B.S. in Architecture, a M.S. in Landscape Design, and a LEED accreditation that validates her eco-sound expertise. She ♥ animals, living in NYC and ✈ around the world.