Getting help when feeling stuck is the smartest way to move faster and produce better results

A perfect service for you who have an ongoing or soon-to-start project and feel the need to ask an expert for advice. You can brainstorm ideas, discuss what upgrade could bring the biggest positive financial impact, request best planting options for YOUR indoors or outdoors, consult about color choices/ pavement materials, ask if your palette of materials really works, and more.

Two virtual offerings with two levels of insight.

Ask a Designer

Virtual Design Consultation by DMM Studio NYC

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Consultation 101

Consultation 101

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can count with my expert advice to guide you and provide you with practical tips, easy to understand and to implement right away.
I can’t tell you I’m the best, that’s for you to judge, but one thing I can say is that design is my passion. I’m obsessed at analyzing spaces, dissecting all the parts and assembling everything in such a way that will inspire you and work for your unique lifestyle. I’m an architectural designer and landscape designer, accredited as a sustainable design expert by the USGBC – The maximum USA authority for green building codes. Plus I have over 10 years of experience. (Wow! time has really flown!) I keep mastering the knowledge of what makes a design great…from the big picture to the details that make the design stand out.
Yes, you are! I created two e-consultation* offerings that could be used by locals or anyone living abroad. Choose the one that fits you the best and get ready to get clear answers and suggestions.*e-consultation: it means they are done via phone or chat online via Skype, google hang-out or another similar site TBD. 


Who will benefit from this?

  • You who are in the middle of a project, personal or professional, and need a second expert opinion about the design or implementation.
  • You who have struggled with a difficult space layout for years, and don’t now where to start to make a change.
  • You who live in NYC,  and only need some inputs or guidelines to start on your own a extraordinary DIY transformation.
  • You who live on another part of the world, but feel connected with my aesthetic and would love to work with me. (I’d love to work with you too!)
  • You who want to do a whole renovation, inside or outside, but need some specific answers before hand, before committing yourself to a full project.
  • You who have a forgotten garden, outdoor space, balcony, planters and want to get some seasonal tips to make these spaces feel alive.
  • You who want to know the best plants for your time zone, to create a smart garden, beautiful and low-maintenance.
  • You who want some ideas to create a more sustainable. eco-friendly home for you, your kids, and for the environment.
  • You who want some tips, seal of approval, on the best material combinations for your next bathroom update or kitchen upgrade. (Don’t trust contractors in terms of style!)



If you don’t see what you are looking for, Just ask.

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