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Looking for a stunning option for indoor gardening? The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is a winner.

For the last 3-5 years,  it has become a favorite for indoor spaces. Many people thought it was a trend destined to fade after a couple of years, that hasn’t been the case…yet.

Beware: it does need a good amount of light, but filtered to some degree. For some people, like Emma Reddington of The Marion House Book, a west-facing window has worked better than a south-facing one (This article, @Gardenista, about the experience of different people with the plant is very helpful).

::: Some Facts :::

Scientific name: Ficus lyrata.

Its leaves remind you of a fiddle, hence the name.

Native to Western Africa, from Cameroon West to Sierra Leone.

It does better when it’s watered weekly, Or when you feel the soil dry.

TIP for Watering: Try the dig-your-finger-on-the-soil-test, you don’t need anything fancy to determine the dryness, just do this and feel how it feels, if it is dry, water the roots and make sure to not let water standing below.

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