Enjoying a space in a meditative way is a luxurious practice that not many people follow. I know some buildings, rooms, landscapes are more inviting than others to feel like this. But with time and practice, you can find yourself more often in unexpected situations that draw you into a contemplative mood.

Stillness in architecture for me is that moment when I’m able to capture the details that are easily under appreciated in the architectural world.

Usually I find myself contemplating random structures on the hottest part of the day, when the streets are calmer, and hardly anything moves around me. 

Stillness in Architecture _DMM Studio 2s

This photo above was taken in Marrakech during a very early morning walk. The streets were mostly empty. The angles and volumes were provocative and demanded attention. I just stood there and appreciated each detail, texture and sensation. I tried to absorb everything of this moment to bring it with me as a souvenir for my memory. It worked!

This other picture below (with the silo) was on a road trip in California, not far from San Francisco. I remember it was midday, and the bright sun was blazing down the landscape and the structure, dramatizing the clean lines and textures. I asked my husband to stop so I could capture the stillness I perceived in this fleeting moment. I think I succeed.




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