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This week has been a good one in terms of things unrelated to my design practice, but to the causes that my husband and I support. Even though I don’t usually merge many of the other layers of my life on this page, I have found a desire of sharing with you this week events…

One of the causes that I strongly advocate for at this point in time is #SavingTheElephants from the excruciating fast decimation they’ve been exposed to due to the high demand of a vain product just used for decoration, ivory.

WCS Meeting_Dinorah&Isaiah_LR

Meeting in NYC with Robert and Joseph (Okapi Wildlife Reverve), Kim (WCS), Isaiah and I.


This picture is with two amazing African men who work protecting the Okapi Wildlife Reserve (one of them works literally in the field confronting the poachers while putting his life at risk).

Thanks to WCS we met them again on Friday, and despite that the reserve is on a better position than how it was two years ago when we first met them, there is still a lot to be done to protect the elephants from poachers (paid by criminals that smuggle the ivory to the countries that buy it).

We (my husband and I) also had the honor, this week, to meet other awesome people from other groups that include elephants protection programs on their portfolio;  African Wildlife Foundation, and today with  Save The Elephants.

What an amazing group of smart, kind people I have had the chance to meet! All of them need to be acknowledge for the hard work they have taken onto their shoulders. Every single time I meet with any of them I’m amazed on their resiliency to keep pushing on a cause that sometimes can make you feel demoralized for so much evil to be confronted.

African Wildlife Foundation

Image screenshot from the African Wildlife Foundation website


$1 dollar, $5, $20, a hundred or more…any amount you help with to support this cause or any other really has an impact on the way these people can do their job. Despite this being a blog primarily about design…speaking on behalf of those who do not have a voice to fight for (animals, ecosystems, nature in general) it is a cause near to my heart! Happy Memorial day Weekend!