This past week  I had the opportunity to tour the private aeroponic rooftop garden at the forward-thinking Bell, Book & Candle, a locavore restaurant at the heart of  West Village, here in NYC.

Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium. The production of the this garden in the sky is more than enough to cover the restaurant needs. Fun Fact: the owners have even found themselves giving the extra to friends and some lucky neighbors. 

Aeroponic rooftop garden

(All photos courtesy of Bell, Book & Candle website)

It was a perfect Autumn morning for the tour. The head chef and the owners are inspiring individuals that lead by example. How? By running a sustainable business that cares for holistic wellness and the environment.

The use of vertical gardens is still kind of an underground practice in the landscape industry. It’s not used as much as it should be…yet.

Even though it seems that there is a momentum on the implementation of green alternative on the architectural and landscape design field, the pace is still slow on the residential and small commercial level, which -in my opinion- covers the biggest percentage of construction.

Nonetheless, everyday more thoughtful and attractive green products appear in the market, giving the consumer the opportunity to choose something that is aligned with their interest for wellness and for a better environment.



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