Landscape Design

Do you have an outdoor area that lacks that wow factor to motivate you to use it more often? Don’t be nuts letting that space going to waste! start planning the different ways you’re going to enjoy it once we finish working on it.

Transform any outdoors into an urban retreat that invites you in (or out? :)). Transform it into THE place where you want to be – to relax or entertain in the privacy of your own home.

Any outdoor space (small or large) is an opportunity to make it special and inspire you. Need examples? look not further: any ‘residual’ micro open space, backyard, front yard, stoop, rooftop, balcony, courtyard, garden, planters or window boxes deserve to be intentionally put together for your enjoyment.

DMM Studio offers two landscape design services that give you the flexibility you need. Each one with a slightly different approach, but both focusing on giving you the best experience ever. Plus you can count on having a streamlined process, clear and professional.

Poker of aces

Uptown Bundle

A service where budget and time are more constrained, but still benefits from working directly with me, an architect and landscape designer with sustainable accreditation, plus 10+ years of practice.

Here you get a design tailored to your needs and aesthetic. The choices for design elements and materials are a preselection selected from the most successfully ones used successfully in the industry to get a timeless design. This not-that-limited preselection helps us cut time, thus cost, and your space is still going to look sophisticated and fresh but within your budget and timeframe.

This package doesn’t fit to everyone. You need to fit the project criteria and budget required for this service.


  • A questionnaire to help you refine your vision.
  • 90 minutes Design Consultation (via: online, phone. Home visit only available in  NYC area)
  • Site Inventory + Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Master Plan
  • 2 One-to-One meetings with Designer
  • Contractor Referral


This package is a design only all inclusive cost.

Anything beyond the scope of work will be billed per hour rate.

Adds-on: Considering adding something extra beyond the scope of work defined at the beginning? adds-on are available billed at a per-hour-rate. This can be extra visual graphics in your project, extra one-to-one meetings, more conceptual designs, project management, and aesthetic supervision during installation.




Downtown Bundle

This service is freestyle, and goes as far as you want to go in terms of custom detail. You will always be guided throughout, including the explanation on how each change requested could affect the cost and the timeline in your project, this way you’ll decide how to proceed considering this factor with a better understanding.

What is included? Includes all the Uptown Bundle items and more. 

  • Fillable Pre-design book. A helpful workbook to atune your vision.
  • 90 minutes Design Consultation (via: online, phone. Home visit only available in  NYC area)
  • Site Inventory + Analysis
  • Conceptual Design (as many revisions as you want)
  • Master Plan
  • One-to-One meetings with Designer (2 are recommended, but you can book more)
  • 2+ Contractor Referrals
  • Meetings with contractors and team to be involved post-design
  • Project Management
  • Aesthetic supervision during installation and it keeps going….all depends how much you want us involved.

Poker of aces

The Downtown Bundle runs in a hourly rate.

When is this an option?

  1. When your project size is not small or medium size (see DMM Studio definitions), but bigger.
  2. When the level of detail involved expected is higher
  3. When it will require more hours of analysis and back and forth with clients and other parties to be involved
  4. When the finishes selection will go beyond the most standard, but beautiful,  materials in the market.I KNOW


You deserve to be surrounded by spaces that make you feel special, make you smile and make your daily life easier. Don’t hold yourself of the happiness a beautiful & well-designed home provides. I can help you getting this.

Still not sure? Contact me and let’s find out how I can help you achieve what you want.

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