Interior Renovation

If you are you not feeling in love with your home anymore, you’re in the right place.

DMM Studio is ready to design for you a  space that fits your needs and unique lifestyle – Not matter the size or your budget, the end result will blow your mind to pieces so you will feel an urge to brag about it.

Poker of aces

Poker of aces

Poker of aces

Poker of aces

Poker of aces


Your home can say a lot about you, but many times you struggle to make it reflect who you really are.

You move around rooms that don’t make you feel the way you want, they just don’t feel right!

If you feel like this, why wait 1, 2, or even 5 years to have the space you always dreamed of? Studies show that by upgrading your surroundings you improve your health and quality of life.

Start enjoying a home that supports your way of living and inspires you on a daily basis. No project is too small. Turn your house into THE place that makes you happy and helps you thrive.



  • Fill out a brief questionnaire that helps you sit and think on what you want/need, and help me learn more about your vision.
  • Send some pictures, only if you feel comfortable. But trust me, they really will be helpful.
  • Are you in NYC? receive a complimentary 30 min. design strategy on-site visit. That’s on me! You will receive an email with the instructions to book it. We’ll talk about the design proposal, fee, timeframe and contract.
    • If you are in another city, don’t fret, we can still work together…keep reading. We can do a 30 minute complimentary design strategy via phone or Skype to discuss everything described above. But I will definitely need pictures.
  • After receiving the contract, we’ ll coordinate a second site visit. This time we have a more in-depth design consultation, up to 2-hour long, to refine what your expectations are on the design.
  • I’ll take site measurements and a site inventory during the 2nd visit.
  • Then I get down  to work…within 2-3 weeks we meet again to present you a conceptual plan, along a mood board that represents everything we have been talking around. We discuss, discuss and discuss more what works or doesn’t for you. You have 5 days with this to
  • Master Plan
  • 2 One-to-One meetings with Designer
  • 3D drawings
  • 2 to 3 Contractor Referral


Redesigning a space doesn’t have to be an exhausting process. With simple changes -or with a complete layout redesign – you can upgrade the quality of your lifestyle and feel happy on a daily basis.



  • The on-the-go New Yorker who wants a space to match their lifestyle.
  • The active family that needs a more functional home, but still an inspiring grown-up space.
  • The bachelor(ette) wishing to live comfortable,  and make the most of the square footage, and be able to entertain.
  • The first time buyer, who got a fixer upper but doesn’t want to waste time figuring out things.
  • The contemporary, art lover who enjoys timeless design, but would consider unexpected approaches to make the design more unique.
  • The environmentalist, philantropist who wants to consider the most sustainable strategy for their project.
  • anyone who love uncluttered, contemporary, sleek, minimalist, zen and sustainable designs.

This is a design only service, but you can count on our network of trusted professionals to get referrals for the implementation of our design collaboration. We also offer design supervision during construction, to make sure implementation goes as per plan specs.

During our conversation we discuss your needs and fees that correspond to your unique project.

Anything added beyond the scope of work defined at the beginning runs in a per hour rate. For example: request of extra graphics, extra revisions and changes, extra one-to-one meetings, project management, and aesthetic supervision during installation, among other requests.