Perfecta Home Office

Hello! I’m so happy to share with you my latest interview done for the spanish-speaking blog Madres Conectadas (learn more about this blog below).

Como Crear Tu Perfecta Home Office


Gianny, a great friend of mine, approached me, over a month ago, to help her figure out how to re-create a more inspiring home office where she could keep growing her business with style and comfort. Her working space is part of a mix-used room which needed to retain that double functionality.

Just FYI, for years, I have acted in many occasions as her (not official) appointed designer’s advisor when she feels stuck reorganizing her spaces – this is a real joy for me, and she knows it. Anyhow, she finally, with the help of her husband, finished the project and decided to share the journey with her thousands of followers on a 3-part series blog. The idea was to inspire other parents on creating a sanctuary for their work, and to show them that you don’t always need big money to make a space neat and functional.

She interviewed me for 2nd part of the series, here I shared some of the insights that I gave her as an experienced architect, and that helped her create the perfect home office that supports her entrepreneurial dreams. This interview is in spanish, but you might be able to translate it via google.
Her 3-part series blog about home office creation is coming great, and I’m delighted on being able to help fellow spanish-speaker entrepreneurs transform their spaces into functional and motivating settings via this platform. Hope you enjoy it!

Link to the interview >>>

Before - Gianny's Home OfficeAfter - Gianny's Home Office

Photos of the office ©Gianny Liranzo. Inspirational photos google search. Sketch ©Dinorah Matias-Melendez

Collaborating with her is always a blast, since she’s always very receptive, open to experiment, and able to come up with nice ideas that we integrate into the design. Her husband is also very resourceful and creative!, he also contributed to the project and helped her all along the way. Kudos to their new office and I hope many wonderful projects germinate from this corner.

Madres Conectadas is a  blog that started  promoting and sharing ideas about raising kids with intuition and creativity, and has slowly expanded into entrepreneurial advice for busy parents who look at Gianny as an inspiration to follow and imitate. It’s a spanish-speaking virtual site, and Gianny’s thoughtful and honest advice has touched and inspired people not only in Dominican Republic, but around Latinoamérica, and latinos here in USA.