A short film that explores the infinite love between a dog owner and his dog. Only 7 minutes, and after that, you will feel refreshed.


Why I share it?

  •  I am deeply connected to my dog Mona. Her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE inspires me everyday to be more unselfish.
  • The NATURE on the film is a SOURCE OF INSPIRATION as well. Do any of you would like to have a life unfolded with such a background? I know I will love to, and this wish reinforces my interest on keeping my practice as sustainable as possible to help preserve the wonders we can enjoy today, so other generations can enjoy it too.

  • FEELING CONNECTED is a STRONG FORCE that pulls us out of that environment of self-absorption that is shot at us every day, every minute, every way we look today.

And I share it because I feel it’s good to share things that are positive, that enrich our lives, instead of bringing them down. Things that give a fresh perspective of why we’re on this planet; and because, as I always say, spaces are constantly influencing the way we feel, either built or natural…and that appreciation is not only felt by humans, but  by all living creatures…including your dog.

Enjoy Denali, the short-film, below!