Welcome to my world! Where reality and dreams collide and coexist.

This blog will be a a journey of self-expression, where I’ll share inspiring ideas, images and thoughts that aim to make your day better.  Everything is connected, even if not directed, to design. As a designer, my muse comes from anywhere and I want to share it with everyone.

Starting a new project is exciting. A lot of ideas are dancing around in my head; positive thoughts and good vibe are present, and the energy level runs high inside my body.
But it can be scary too. Only if I allow the multiple expectations about this and that, what and where, how and when started to build up in me. Expectations can easily make me forget the reason behind this blog, and forget about the experience I originally decided to provide. Expectations can ruin the beauty of beginnings, spoil anybody’s game. This is why I pushed them aside to get ready to enjoy the ride you’re starting with me.

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I’ll share a lot of insights and tips for making your home or working space a more memorable one, that inspires you and elevates you.

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