Each project comes with its own set of constrains and advantages, thus requiring an unique approach to make it special and functional to your unique needs and aesthetic. Get a space that enhance your living experience everyday…I design your spaces with you through a process that is friendly and professionally accountable.

Architectural Interior Design

Your house should feel like home. Let us create a stunning space that seamlessly enhance your experience in it, while providing you a more functional livable square footage.

Fall in love again with your place by working with me directly – not junior designer in between- you’ll be working directly with the top designer. We’ll focus on the big picture without forgetting the small details that make each project special.

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Landscape Design

Surveys show that investing in your outdoors increases the value of your home up to 10% or 20%- not bad, right? Start experiencing  a staycation in the privacy of your own home every single day by creating the outdoors of your dreams.

Cool off this Summer while sitting in your lush and cozy backyard, or warm up  by lighting your outdoor fireplace in a chilly night of Autumn/Winter. What is stopping you? Transform your outdoors so you can enjoy it more.

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E-Design (aka Virtual Design)

A faster, more affordable and convenient way to benefit of the expertise of an architectural designer. By engaging a professional, despite the size of your project, your money will go to the right places in the design. Choose this option and get a more functional, sophisticated and inviting space.

Perfect for you who are ready to step up your game when it comes to enhancing your lifestyle. Work with a us who care about your whole experience.

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Design Consultation

Getting help when feeling stuck is the smartest way to move faster and create a more inspiring surrounding. DMM Studio offers two options in this service, on either one you will get all you need to take your space from confused to unclouded with tailored suggestions and actionable tips.

Get the help you need to figure out the best choices for your spaces! I’m here to help you. Stop wasting time trying to figure out on your own. A consultation is what you need to get high end advice that  will help you save time & money.

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Color Consultation

Find out the best color that you need to use to get wether a relaxing-sophisticated room, a more boho look, a minimalist atmosphere, or eclectic vibe.

With a color consultation you get the advice and inspiration that helps you have the perfect background for your present and evolving decor.  The suggestions are based in a timeless/versatile attitude to keep up stylish despite the evolution of your aesthetic.

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Need help with something else?

We’re a full design service firm with an architectural and landscape design background with over 10+ years of practice.

Contact us and let’s find out how we can serve you.

We are always happy to hear about new projects, not matter how small or large they are. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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A renovation is an investment. You can either increase the value of your home or very likely diminish it due to poor choices made during the process. Don’t take that chance. DMM Studio or your designer of preference can help you achieve a nicer space thanks to our years of experience in the field.  – DMM