“If your laundry room is prettier, it’s more fun to do laundry”.

How can you deny that having beautiful spaces do not affect the way you behave? I can’t imagine you arguing with this…spaces are constantly shaping your (our) behaviors without you noticing it. You should know that us, architects, study the sociology of humans to determine what is the best solution for a particular project, and that’s what makes design interesting!

Ronda did a terrific job on this renovation. She says it cost $400.00 from start to finish. But take note that her skills are out of this world and saved her thousands of dollars. A built-in project like that could easily start on the 3.5k – my shy guess-timate.

You can learn more details about Ronda’s amazing laundry transformation at Houzz.

Are you a DYI person?


Do you rather to save time and trust a professional to do a transformation like this?

Either way, stop and look around. If your space is not inspiring, it is not supporting your lifestyle. Make small changes, and be open to the positive changes that you will start to experience.

With kindness,


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