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Love New York City gritty-awesome art.

What about you? love it or hate it?
Street art gives character to a city. It also helps enhance the spirit of the place, and strengthens a sense of belonging of many city dwellers – who, like me, feel attracted to this informal artistic expression.

How A Short Film About The Love For A Dog Can Inspire My Work

A short film that explores the infinite love between a dog owner and his dog. Only 7 minutes, and after that, you will feel refreshed.


Why I share it?

  •  I am deeply connected to my dog Mona. Her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE inspires me everyday to be more unselfish.
  • The NATURE on the film is a SOURCE OF INSPIRATION as well. Do any of you would like to have a life unfolded with such a background? I know I will love to, and this wish reinforces my interest on keeping my practice as sustainable as possible to help preserve the wonders we can enjoy today, so other generations can enjoy it too.

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7 Basic Questions To Ask Yourself Before Designing Your Outdoors.

It’s well known how the simple thought of renovating can give you hot flashes and make you feel sick.

I won’t deny it, going through one can be a challenging experience that many times makes you want to have never embarked on it on the first place.

BUT, it’s also true that having a surrounding that responds to your unique lifestyle allows you to carry a better balanced life. With this final goal in mind, you can avoid reno-aches (renovation+headaches)  by starting your process the right way, and one first step is knowing what you really want, need and can afford. Read more

5 Important Ways To Respect Water Life in Your Landscape

Water in your Landscape

Water is essential for all living species. The planet is 70% covered by it, and this fact alone had given the fake assumption (to many of us on developed countries- at least) that it was an unlimited resource that could be used in a very indulgent manner. However, each day it’s more obvious that our water resources are limited and should be taken care. One local example, here in the United States, is the drought in California and the multiple new regulations being applied as a result of it,

Our landscapes can be one of the most important areas where to act with responsibility towards an issue, that even if it’s miles away from us, will affect the way we carry life nowadays -again, just check California’s new rules about water use. With this in mind, here are 5 important ways to implement in your landscape designs to respect and conserve such a valuable resource. These 5 points can be followed by designers and homeowners.

#1. Respect natural drainage patterns

As part of creating outdoor spaces you regularly find the need to modify the topography of your land. If this is the case, apply, or request if you’re the client, a plan that considers the way water will navigate in your property. First at all water should run away from your foundation! this is kind of unrelated to this post, but you should know this…

Now back to topic,  if the shape of the land becomes too steep or too leveled, it’ll cause either erosion or poodles and it’ll not maximize the water absorption of the soil. Another example is if too much impermeable material is used in the project, here the amount of runoff water will increase and trigger a lot of unwanted consequences and expenses. Read more

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. In The Garden with Piet Oudolf

Piet Oudolf documentary teaser from Thomas Piper on Vimeo.

Who’s this guy? You might ask…fair enough, you maybe don’t know his name, but I’m pretty sure you are familiar with his work. If you are in NYC, he’s the responsible for the planting selection & garden design of our popular ‘new-ish’ park The Highline in Chelsea and the old classic Battery Park. In Chicago, he is responsible for the jaw-dropping Lurie Garden. In 2011 he designed Read more

Simple Lines and Modern Strokes on a Restored Farmhouse

1-restored architecture-contemporary

As an architect I embrace the simplicity of the lines and the minimalist take of modern architecture, where details are careful curated until sophistication is achieved and character is infused without pushing it into your face.

Why? Because I feel that this aesthetic lets you enjoy the space by being and not by only seeing. Read more

Two Stunning Terraces in Small Urban Spaces


Having limited living square footage is a popular issue to deal with in large metropolis like NYC, unless you are part of the mega successful group that have the wonderful opportunity of enjoying vast spaces within the limitations of an overcrowded city.

[Tweet “But just because a space is small doesn’t mean it cannot be enchanting and adorable. @dmmstudionyc”]

Above ^^^ two beautiful designs of small urban terraces that you could stage on your own, if by any chance & luck you have some sort of outdoor area available.

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A Hidden Rooftop Garden in The Middle of NYC

This past week  I had the opportunity to tour the private aeroponic rooftop garden at the forward-thinking Bell, Book & Candle, a locavore restaurant at the heart of  West Village, here in NYC.

Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium. The production of the this garden in the sky is more than enough to cover the restaurant needs. Fun Fact: the owners have even found themselves giving the extra to friends and some lucky neighbors.  Read more

Stillness in Architecture : The Art of Contemplation.

Enjoying a space in a meditative way is a luxurious practice that not many people follow. I know some buildings, rooms, landscapes are more inviting than others to feel like this. But with time and practice, you can find yourself more often in unexpected situations that draw you into a contemplative mood.

Stillness in architecture for me is that moment when I’m able to capture the details that are easily under appreciated in the architectural world. Read more

5 Amazing Facts To Know About Agaves

Many times we see a plant multiple times and like it, but donot know any interesting detail that could make it even more special. Here I share 5 facts that will make you seen agave in a different way, and that will make you look like an expert among your friends. But also can be used as an interesting conversation starter in your next gathering that have any agave or tequila on site.

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