Sketch. ♥ restaurant in London with striking interiors. Feast your eye & have some tea.

If you are mad about architecture, beautiful interiors, chic service and tasty food you should read this post!
If you love to know about hidden gems worth to visit in chic cities like London…you are in the right post.

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I’m not sure if the joy is bigger than the torture experienced after leaving the restaurant. But to their credits I must add that not visiting the Sketch, if you are able to go, is almost a sin.

Sketch is a complex and unique site. A converted 18th century building that will make your head flop and fly at the same time becasue in here anything becomes possible, and even the unthinkable becomes thinkable.

Restaurants, bars, tea rooms, and art shape the world of a visionary team composed by restaurateur Mourad Mazouzand and renown chef Pierre Gagnaire. The interiors were designed by the talented India Mahdavi, and the art is by  David Shrigley, an Scottish artist.

One of the rooms stole my heart: The Gallery. A sumptuous space, flamboyant and sophisticated where pink is king (or Queen). Brass lighting fixtures and a zig-zag tiling floor become part of the scene where white tablecloths are the perfect backdrop for the bold, yet delicate food that accompanies your (english) classic afternoon ritual.

Gorgeous Interiors at The Gallery
gallery_3 sketch_afternoon-tea_aw15-1
All images courtesy of The Sketch website.
9 conduit street
London W1S 2XG


P.S. Remember that spaces are an unavoidable part of our journey in life, becoming silent influencers of our mood and actions. Making intentional visits to places that make you smile will lift you up and energize you. Hope you like my post from today!

Inspi-gram. Space That Reflects Beauty and Joy


Make sure your spaces reflect the beauty and joy of the nicest season of the year!

Visually Loud | New York City Street Art | Love it!

©2015 Dinorah Matias-Melendez


Love New York City gritty-awesome art.

What about you? love it or hate it?
Street art gives character to a city. It also helps enhance the spirit of the place, and strengthens a sense of belonging of many city dwellers – who, like me, feel attracted to this informal artistic expression.

What I’m Listening Now

This is the last weekend on September 2015. Make the most of it.

Just discovered this cool group: Eskimeaux. And wanted to share my precious find.

What I am listening

One of my favorite short programs where great, not super well-known, artists are invited is Tiny Desk Concert by NPR. These tiny concerts are literally short, only 3 to 4 songs are played live.  You can listen to this episode below. Read more

When was the last time you consciously…

When was the last time you consciously unwind?


A space that invites you to get relaxed is a space that supports your success.

Antigua, Guatemala. July 2005 Vacation/Work Trip.

Courtyard surrounded by tropical plants and shaded areas that provide comfort, inspiration and a sense of place.



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How A Short Film About The Love For A Dog Can Inspire My Work

A short film that explores the infinite love between a dog owner and his dog. Only 7 minutes, and after that, you will feel refreshed.


Why I share it?

  •  I am deeply connected to my dog Mona. Her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE inspires me everyday to be more unselfish.
  • The NATURE on the film is a SOURCE OF INSPIRATION as well. Do any of you would like to have a life unfolded with such a background? I know I will love to, and this wish reinforces my interest on keeping my practice as sustainable as possible to help preserve the wonders we can enjoy today, so other generations can enjoy it too.

Read more

Saving The Elephants | A Cause Close to My Heart

Photo found here

This week has been a good one in terms of things unrelated to my design practice, but to the causes that my husband and I support. Even though I don’t usually merge many of the other layers of my life on this page, I have found a desire of sharing with you this week events…

One of the causes that I strongly advocate for at this point in time is #SavingTheElephants from the excruciating fast decimation they’ve been exposed to due to the high demand of a vain product just used for decoration, ivory. Read more

7 Basic Questions To Ask Yourself Before Designing Your Outdoors.

It’s well known how the simple thought of renovating can give you hot flashes and make you feel sick.

I won’t deny it, going through one can be a challenging experience that many times makes you want to have never embarked on it on the first place.

BUT, it’s also true that having a surrounding that responds to your unique lifestyle allows you to carry a better balanced life. With this final goal in mind, you can avoid reno-aches (renovation+headaches)  by starting your process the right way, and one first step is knowing what you really want, need and can afford. Read more

Fear is excitement on pause

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