Inspiring Mood Board #1_ DMM Studio_

One of the ways I keep my creativity rolling is by collecting images of things that I love. This is an ongoing practice for all kind of artists, including architects and landscape designers, and now this has become even easier to do thanks to the online world and the expansive selection of apps created to do only this, like Pinterest.

Creating albums of beautiful images such as photos, interior vignettes, locations around the world, objects and inspiring quotes helps to fuel the creative side of our brain in unexpected ways. Getting fun, and daring ideas that we wouldn’t have considered or known before will definitely keep the imagination afloat.

On a cozy, lazy night this Winter choose to put together some of your favorite images. Choose a theme. Choose randomly, and get surprised with the beautiful story that you will end coming up. You can see my cozy night inspiration mood board right here. Have fun and keep the spark of creativity in you!

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