It’s not a secret to anyone that I’m a huge fan of the TV program Fixer Upper and of the renovations Joanna Gaines & Chip (her husband) do. This before & after contemporary barn renovation was so great that I decided to share my insights with you. Also, I’ll give you 3 tips to help you understand what makes it a great design.

My first reaction to Joanna’s ability to merge contemporary and country style is admiration, to a point that my heart wants to melt in front of such a good work. Yeap, you read it correctly, I just went all the way in here by exposing my admiration in a metaphorical language – not shame on that! 🙂

The chances this family took into getting a fixer upper and believing on the designer’s ideas paid off tremendously. But also, Chip’s execution was superb. An old structure without any sex-appeal became a sophisticated home. It now provides all the needs the family needed; the spaces are bright, cozy, welcoming and practical.

From an ordinary building to an architectural gem. The power of great design and execution is mainly perceived when the result is not only beautiful, but also functional to what the needs of the client. For more pictures and a more detail description of the job done, visit >

FYI: Fixer Upper is every tuesday at 9 pm on HGTV.

3 Tips from this contemporary renovation:

  • Same floor throughout makes the space cohesive and more expansive
  • Black hardware pops in a white canvas, and makes the design more modern
  • Use of rustic materials such as the jute rug in the TV room, rustic country island and concrete countertops in the kitchen, old empty frames adorning the walls, brings warmth and level up the sleekness, and sometimes cold atmosphere, a contemporary projects.
Kitchen - before & after

Before and After Kitchen – Fixer Upper Renovation

Renovation. Before and After Dining Room
All photos via Magnolia Market Blog