In 2014 (while watching a show on Broadway) I got struck with this thought…like in theater, spaces are the stages where life happens. And, as a designer, it’s my privilege,  joy and goal to create an inspiring setting for your story to unfold.

Hi, I’m Dinorah. 

I’m a practical and detailed-oriented designer who enjoys transforming dysfunctional and ugly spaces into inspiring and  functional ones. If you feel your surrounding is not supporting your lifestyle, if you don’t have the time to figure out how to make your small space work or to keep a home easily organized, I believe collaborating with a professional is your best bet.

I’m an award winner professional who founded DMM Studio to offer New Yorkers and worldwide clients sustainable, high-end innovative designs though and easy, reliable and friendly process. Get your interior renovation, landscape design or small project uplift like bathroom or kitchen today… consultations are also available in New York or virtually.

DMM Studio | Interior Design Renovations & Landscape Design

New Yorker, born and raised in Dominican Republic. I adore traveling and interacting with new people on different cultures. While in NYC, I enjoy strolling in Central Park with my rescued dog Mona, and taking advantage of what the city has to offer alongside my husband. I have 10+ years of experience in the design field. My degrees are: B.S. in Architecture, M.S. in Landscape Design from Columbia University, LEED GA accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) – meaning I’m a green professional designer. (check my why sustainable design section), Master Composter certified by the city of NY. I’m involved with nonprofits that work on issues related to human rights and the environment. One of my main interest now is helping to stop the existence of the market for Ivory, to prevent elephants from suffering and their extinction. In Costa Rica I volunteered on a wildlife sanctuary for orphaned or injured jungle animals, I cleaned the cages of big cats, monkeys, sloths, and birds that were ‘hospitalized’. I love adventure. I’ve been paragliding in Nepal, eating pad thai on the streets of Bangkok, and negotiating prices for architectural materials (for new friends) on a town along the dessert in Marrakesh – even I’m surprised of the result on that! My most memorable trip: hiking with my husband the Anapurna trail in Nepal. Most memorable meeting: visiting a talking with the monks and nuns that run an orphanage for girls and boys in Kathmandu, Nepal. My guilty obsession: mystery TV shows and books. Favorite series of all time: Poirot, also the old versions of Sherlock Holmes and the book series: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Reading is a basic need. I love so many books almost as much I love my dog Mona.


How do you know if we are the perfect match?

I’d like to believe that every partnership is ideal, but in order to give/receive the super best, you need to work with the talented and passionate ones that align with your vision & values.

So let’s do this first, take it out of the way and save us some time. We’re the perfect match if you’re looking for one or more of these:

  • A sustainable approach that matches your values
  • A contemporary, minimalist, eclectic, zen aesthetic that complements your modern lifestyle
  • A stress-free process that keeps you at ease
  • A collaboration that feeds from your wants and my expertise
  • And, if you are open to explore unconventional solutions that can surprise you with a new perspective  – at least to consider this!


Why DMM Studio?

I founded DMM Studio to provide a more relaxed, but still professional and efficient service. A business where the value of the whole experience during the process is as important as the final result.

From the start, your project will be in better hands because not only the process is based on collaboration and open dialogue between all the parties involved, but also, you will, unlike many other firms, work directly with the head designer. With a background as an architectural designer, a landscape designer and sustainable design LEED expert, your project will get a more holistic approach  for a more seamless flow.

I chose the style of few clients at a time because I appreciate the intimacy boutique style businesses offer – and I wanted you to have the option of going with that level of overall quality on the service, without feeling afraid the attention you receive will diminish. A renovation/new design is a major decision on anyone’s life and should be kept easy and fun. My role is to make sure it happens.


The Process

Every project starts with a consultation, and then continues with design development and final plans. To keep ongoing clarity throughout the process I rely on whatever medium is necessary for you to clearly understand what you are getting spatially. We make use of sketches, diagrams, models, 3d drawings, and material samples to show you the ideas. (inclusion of each item varies per project, but can always be added on. Any special request can be addressed during our dialogues).

The experience of working with DMM Studio at this level of commitment is memorable. Do not miss it. 

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