(1) Cilinder Planters with Walnut Stand (2) Element Planter Series (3) Mostera Planter (4) Tapered Wooden Leg Pot (5) Weathered Cast Stone Cube Planters (6) Retro Bullet Planter (7) Foodmap Container

Spring is almost here and I already started to take care of my container plants at home and to scout out the best planters in the market to recommend to clients, friends and anyone who wants to bring some nice green color into their lives.

If you don’t have an outdoor space with soil to grow anything… 

It’s well known that adding plants help to bring more warmth to any space. Other benefits of having plants around is the improvement of the quality of the air, the increment of productivity of workers, and the reduction of anxiety on individuals.

The following selection are contemporary, modern styles that go amazingly well with that sleek, modern, uncluttered aesthetic that you want to maintain or achieve.  Hope you like it!

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