It’s well known how the simple thought of renovating can give you hot flashes and make you feel sick.

I won’t deny it, going through one can be a challenging experience that many times makes you want to have never embarked on it on the first place.

BUT, it’s also true that having a surrounding that responds to your unique lifestyle allows you to carry a better balanced life. With this final goal in mind, you can avoid reno-aches (renovation+headaches)  by starting your process the right way, and one first step is knowing what you really want, need and can afford.

Photo © Clive Nichols

Photo by Clive Nichols. Design by Amir Schlezinger. Analysis on top by Dinorah Matias-Melendez

These are some basic questions that will help you figure out a more strategic vision for your new outdoors.

  1. Do you want to encourage wildlife (birds) to be regular visitors to  your landscape?
  2.  Do you need more privacy? or do you prefer a more open space?
  3. What kind of activities do you dream to have in your new outdoors? Keep it real, you cannot have a swimming pool in an 5 ft x 5 ft space.
  4. How many people would you like to host in your gathering? for example, will a space for a dining room 0f 8-seats be enough? And how frequent are you planning to be entertaining large groups? This helps to prioritize.
  5. Do you have in mind already a specific focal point for your space? for example, imagine you have a few sculptures you want to display, this information will serve as a guideline to the designer.
  6. What colors and materials you love, and which ones you hate?
  7. Budget…what is the maximum amount you’re able to invest on this project without provoking yourself having a heart attack?  This is essential for a more efficient process and realistic plan proposal.

So again, assess your needs, wants and wishes before anything start taking shape to provide a clearer picture to the team that will work with you to make your renovation a reality.

Click HERE to download a beautiful pdf file with the questionnaire. A workbook style, that you can fill out to start your process right at this moment.


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