Dior, the iconic fashion house from Paris, bases its brand & presence on these 3 basic principles that have defined their niche on the market:

1. Timeless elegance
2. Minimalist aesthetic
3. Relaxed sophistication.


Thanks to having a super clear vision, on how they want to be perceived by the world, they have kept relevant in such a competitive market as is the luxurious tier of fashion and goods.

The brand identity is easy to recognize; and by producing consistently every single item, event, promotion under the same 3 principles from above, they have created a very cohesive, strong niche for themselves – I remember reading fashion magazines from my mother as a kid where the same relaxed sophistication of Dior was visually palpable.

How these principles can be seen on this collection from Autumn-Winter 2014-2015?

  1. The simplicity of the building contrasts beautifully with the minimal landscape that surrounds it. I will call it effortless chic.
  2. The large size of the building, devoid of ornaments and openings -besides the door – imposes itself on the landscape BUT is then softened by the gentle curve that seems to embrace what is not seen yet by the eye.
  3. In the interior, the gentle connection between outdoors + indoors is reinforced again by having a wall cladded with white orquids. Just awesome!


The great flow from outside to the inside is undeniable. Each principle is achieved graciously on each step, detail, decision made. All these elements (decoration, palette of colors, planting material, geometric shape chosen on the pavilion with the soft curvature) show a CONSISTENT PATTERN OF LANGUAGE IN THE DESIGN that generated a stronger & more harmonious overall experience.Christian-Dior-Couture-FallWinter-2014-Fashion-Show-Musee-Rodin-Paris-Betak-5Photos via