What I’m Listening Now

This is the last weekend on September 2015. Make the most of it.

Just discovered this cool group: Eskimeaux. And wanted to share my precious find.

What I am listening

One of my favorite short programs where great, not super well-known, artists are invited is Tiny Desk Concert by NPR. These tiny concerts are literally short, only 3 to 4 songs are played live.  You can listen to this episode below. Read more

Deep Blue in Interior Design

Combining images found online to insert later on my inspirational design board is an activity done on a daily basis. It’s a practice that keeps my inspiration flowing and excited.

Chevron Marble Subway Tiles + Single Copper Cord Set w/Edison Bulb + Blue Wall + Blue Cabinetry + Ocean + Open Cloudy Sky + Spaciousness + Classic + Hydrangeas + Sublime Beauty

By pairing down the room designed around a deep blue theme and the ocean, I enhanced the moodiness and beauty of one another. Hope you enjoy it!
Deep Blue-Interior Design

How to Create A Perfect Home Office – My latest interview (in spanish)

Perfecta Home Office

Hello! I’m so happy to share with you my latest interview done for the spanish-speaking blog Madres Conectadas (learn more about this blog below).

Como Crear Tu Perfecta Home Office


Gianny, a great friend of mine, approached me, over a month ago, to help her figure out how to re-create a more inspiring home office where she could keep growing her business with style and comfort. Her working space is part of a mix-used room which needed to retain that double functionality.

Just FYI, for years, I have acted in many occasions as her (not official) appointed designer’s advisor when she feels stuck reorganizing her spaces – this is a real joy for me, and she knows it. Anyhow, she finally, with the help of her husband, finished the project and decided to share the journey with her thousands of followers on a 3-part series blog. The idea was to inspire other parents on creating a sanctuary for their work, and to show them that you don’t always need big money to make a space neat and functional. Read more