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5 Important Ways To Respect Water Life in Your Landscape

Water in your Landscape

Water is essential for all living species. The planet is 70% covered by it, and this fact alone had given the fake assumption (to many of us on developed countries- at least) that it was an unlimited resource that could be used in a very indulgent manner. However, each day it’s more obvious that our water resources are limited and should be taken care. One local example, here in the United States, is the drought in California and the multiple new regulations being applied as a result of it,

Our landscapes can be one of the most important areas where to act with responsibility towards an issue, that even if it’s miles away from us, will affect the way we carry life nowadays -again, just check California’s new rules about water use. With this in mind, here are 5 important ways to implement in your landscape designs to respect and conserve such a valuable resource. These 5 points can be followed by designers and homeowners.

#1. Respect natural drainage patterns

As part of creating outdoor spaces you regularly find the need to modify the topography of your land. If this is the case, apply, or request if you’re the client, a plan that considers the way water will navigate in your property. First at all water should run away from your foundation! this is kind of unrelated to this post, but you should know this…

Now back to topic,  if the shape of the land becomes too steep or too leveled, it’ll cause either erosion or poodles and it’ll not maximize the water absorption of the soil. Another example is if too much impermeable material is used in the project, here the amount of runoff water will increase and trigger a lot of unwanted consequences and expenses. Read more

Mood Board | Outdoor Inspiring

Mood Board_April_DMM Studio

Mood Board | Spring Inspired


Finally is here! The first day of Spring that feels warm and perfect to go out and work in the garden. What plans do you have for today? Enjoy the outdoors and relish on the thought that Winter has officially said goodbye.



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Want more inspiration? Sign in on the bar at the bottom and be the first to know about design trends, practical tips, gorgeous images, and offers exclusive to my subscribers.  Most posts are bite-size, enough to leave you inspired for the day.

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Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. In The Garden with Piet Oudolf

Piet Oudolf documentary teaser from Thomas Piper on Vimeo.

Who’s this guy? You might ask…fair enough, you maybe don’t know his name, but I’m pretty sure you are familiar with his work. If you are in NYC, he’s the responsible for the planting selection & garden design of our popular ‘new-ish’ park The Highline in Chelsea and the old classic Battery Park. In Chicago, he is responsible for the jaw-dropping Lurie Garden. In 2011 he designed Read more

How A Small Laundry Room Was Transformed Into A Sleek Ultra-Efficient Space

“If your laundry room is prettier, it’s more fun to do laundry”.

How can you deny that having beautiful spaces do not affect the way you behave? I can’t imagine you arguing with this…spaces are constantly shaping your (our) behaviors without you noticing it. You should know that us, architects, study the sociology of humans to determine what is the best solution for a particular project, and that’s what makes design interesting! Read more

Good Friday – My Memories & Sacred Buildings That Enhance Religious Rituals.


I grew up in a house where Good Friday was (is) sacred and a day of introspection.

For the last 10+ yrs, after moving to NYC, I have reduced the amount of rituals I used to practice during Easter. The fast -unstoppable pace in the city during this week makes it hard for me to connect with the meaning of this week, besides that the consumerism promoted in association with it also pushes me back.

I still try to make it to at least one mass…For me, the rituals created by every religion/belief around the world are Read more