Moodboard | Winter Blues Inspiration

I’m feeling the winter blues in an unorthodox way, I’m feeling creative with it and want to gee it a twist. So please enjoy the moodboard I created for an imaginary project.

Inspiration: Color blue
Client: A stylish, independent and forward thinking young (at heart) person, who lives  in the middle of Manhattan in a classic 5  prewar apartment. But who goes on vacation to the Mediterranean coast, to the beaches on Morocco. Read more

Two walls | Two Materials


Two contemporary bathrooms that have resourced on creating a focal point on a single wall of the room. Do you one like one more than another? Let me know in the comments below, and the reason behind it.

What is a focal point? Read more

Designer’s Insight: Kitchen Banquettes

Dealing with a residual space next to your kitchen? Consider a kitchen banquette.

This is a practical approach to create a more intimate and informal dining area to enjoy first time in the morning with your loved ones.

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How a Simple Design Element Drastically Transformed a Space


Transforming spaces into exciting ones for their users is the most fascinating feeling in the architectural field.

This staircase could have been a boring enclosed passthrough, but the simple gesture of reinterpreting the wall ended impacting the whole space. It also gives a nicer feeling  when used, plus a more enjoyable and pleasant experience.

When designing a space, follow this concept that always work… Read more