Two Stunning Terraces in Small Urban Spaces


Having limited living square footage is a popular issue to deal with in large metropolis like NYC, unless you are part of the mega successful group that have the wonderful opportunity of enjoying vast spaces within the limitations of an overcrowded city.

Above ^^^ two beautiful designs of small urban terraces that you could stage on your own, if by any chance & luck you have some sort of outdoor area available.

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Insta-Favorite | Fall

Photo ©Instagram by Sylvan Zimmerman

The firmament sometimes is just at your feet.

This beautiful photo comes from Skilleta instagram account. How would you hashtag this picture?

Wish you a happy and productive Monday!

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Contemporary and Unapologetic Architecture in Tel Aviv


Contemporary architecture, for the most part, is clean and sleek. Sometimes it feels cold and uninvited to the user, and other times it has enough warmth to make it cozy.

One of the many approaches that is utilized by us, designers, to bring up some drama to the space is the elimination of all embellishment, unnecessary ornament. This bared environment makes it much easier for details to pop.
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Architecture in Baltimore: Amazing Iron Work

Iron Work_Architectural Detail_DMM Studio LLC

I just came from a road trip to the Southeast of USA. I had been dying (for years!) to visit this part of the country, and finally did it! As my friends know, I’d never catalog my trips as working, even if they could be labeled like that, because I love (triple love here) to see new places and interact with new people of different backgrounds.

The experience was amazing, thanks to my husband and lovely/well-behaved Mona (our dog). Adventure was the motto of the trip, including the sleeping arrangements we had throughout. Read more