Stillness in Architecture : The Art of Contemplation.

Enjoying a space in a meditative way is a luxurious practice that not many people follow. I know some buildings, rooms, landscapes are more inviting than others to feel like this. But with time and practice, you can find yourself more often in unexpected situations that draw you into a contemplative mood.

Stillness in architecture for me is that moment when I’m able to capture the details that are easily under appreciated in the architectural world. Read more

5 Amazing Facts To Know About Agaves

Many times we see a plant multiple times and like it, but donot know any interesting detail that could make it even more special. Here I share 5 facts that will make you seen agave in a different way, and that will make you look like an expert among your friends. But also can be used as an interesting conversation starter in your next gathering that have any agave or tequila on site.

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